Fine Art since 1990
55 Bellevue Avenue
Newport RI 02840
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Stephanie Marisca

Stephanie Marisca is a watercolorist, sound healing artist and master certified life, creativity, and executive coach. Whether working with clients or sharing her art, she aims to connect people to that innate sense of creativity, peace and calm that is always accessible deep within the heart. Painting allows her to access this sacred space for herself and share it with others. Inspired by many wonderful teachers, mentors and colleagues along her life’s journey, it was the early inspiration and encouragement of her high school art teacher that set her on a path to study art in college. She moved to RI from NJ to begin her ten year career as a jewelry designer until her life and passions began to change. As her life took many twists and turns, she slowly moved away from creating art. It wasn’t until several years ago that she realized something was missing; she needed to feed her creative spirit. Drawn to the beauty and mystery of watercolors, she returned to her art this time with painting. In more recent years, due to the inspiration and encouragement from her gifted teachers, she dedicates focused time and energy into developing her painting further and exploring other mediums while maintaining a full time career as a master certified coach working with her clients to awaken their spirits and live a creative life filled with possibility.

Artist’s Reflection

My work is an expression from my heart. Deeply inspired by the beauty of the natural world, I strive to capture the essence of what I see in the extraordinary colors, patterns and shapes in the land and seascapes that surround me everyday. Most importantly, I strive to capture the feeling of peace and harmony touching my heart so deeply in the profound moments when I am awestruck by the magic and beauty only nature can demonstrate. I am influenced by the great art masters of romanticism and impressionism – styles that seek to capture emotion, awe, a feeling or experience rather than realistic representation. I have been inspired, empowered and encouraged to take joyful risks through the masterful teaching of award winning artists, Susan Shaw, Evelyn Bernal and Sarah Yeoman. I am grateful for local art associations, and to Spring Bull Gallery for providing opportunities for artists of diverse experiences and backgrounds to show their work in an open forum. It has been this kind of support that keeps me painting, as well as a deep sense of presence, joy and freedom that I experience while painting that keeps me connected to my creative spirit, to a deep peace within. I hope that in viewing my work that you too experience a feeling of peace and calm from within your heart.