Fine Art since 1990
55 Bellevue Avenue
Newport RI 02840
(401) 849-9166

Meg Arpin

Meg Arpin, of Newport Rhode Island began her life as an artist at a young age. Born in New York, to an artist Mother and Mechanical Engineer Father she grew up with creative influence along with ingenuity. When the family relocated to Cape Cod it began a lifelong appreciation of living near the ocean and has influenced much of her artwork. Arpin moved to Newport in 1974 and received a BFA at the University of Rhode Island and continued her studies at the Rhode Island School of Design. Employed in the art department of a printing company she also was a freelance artist for several advertising agencies. After raising a family, she has now devoted her time to painting with other artists, attending workshops and entering shows. Arpin believes there is no end to learning and growing and attends workshops to absorb new ways to express and interpret what the eyes sees. “There is always more to learn  and so I experiment with  color and brushwork so as to keep a fresh eye on the subject.” Whether painting plein air or in the studio she draws on what she has experienced through sketches and small paintings, sometimes supplemented with photographs for reference. Arpin believes the joy of doing what you love flows down from the heart, through the brush, onto the canvas. “That connection is sometimes fleeting, but when found, I am an instrument, humble and eager to keep painting.” Arpin has studied with David Lussier, Tim Horn, Anne Blair Brown, Jon Redmond, Colin Page and John Cosby. She is also influenced by the Russian Impressionists, notably Danil Volkov and the Dutch artist, Roos Schuring.