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Shipping Your Art

Shipping & Handling Requirements:

Spring Bull Gallery accepts shipments from across the United States.
If you plan to ship your work, you are required to email studio@springbullgallery.com prior to submission

Please download the SBG Shipping & Handling Requirements for future reference


  • Accepted work must arrive during the designated drop off period
  • We do not accept shipments on Tuesdays
  • It is the responsibility of the artist to track the shipment and advise SBG of the projected delivery date via email.
  • Any work not sold during the exhibit will be arranged for return shipment by SBG at the close of the exhibit.
  • The artist will receive an online invoice via PayPal with the total cost for return shipping and handling via UPS.
  • SBG insures artwork for the total value unless otherwise instructed by the artist.
  • Shipping will be expedited once payment is received with confirmation of ‘ship to’ address from the artist.
  • SBG will provide all shipping details with tracking number once shipped.