A Newport working Studio Gallery

55 Bellevue Avenue, Newport RI 02840

Visiting Artist

Galen Snow

“Winter Jay” paper montage

“I feel a new sense of purpose for the year ahead; a renewed focus at the center of my being where making art is my breath as it feeds my listening heart and is my core of strength.  Staying open to the process is in itself a challenge!!  But, when I gratefully let in the beauty of each day:  watching the hawks soar, observing the ripples of light on a wave or a flowers’ grace nodding in the wind; I find a sense of peace there, in the moment, and the inner energy that keeps moving me forward in my craft. ”


“Paper Montage (a term used by RISD, I used to call it collage. Same technique, updated terminology) is my medium today.  It comes to me in waves of color, light and shape.  When my minds’ eye sees it, I want to get it going immediately!  I tear & cut the handmade papers, rice paper and imported fine papers to layer the background with color.  If I don’t have the exact color paper I want, I make it by gluing one color of paper over the other, creating the perfect hue with a depth of transparency I’ve not found with other mediums. I then use high quality, opaque and textural magazine pieces, each cut individually, to layer on top of the background.  Each piece takes 50-60 hours of work, sometimes extending into months if it is a larger piece, such as my land & seascapes.  I like working the ‘scapes in a larger format to achieve the perspectives needed to make the work feel as if one is standing right there.  Many people think I use paint to enhance my work, but, it is only glue and paper, or Paper Montage: ‘Painting with Paper’.”

– Galen Snow


“Royal Gold”

“Beach Peas”