A Newport working Studio Gallery

55 Bellevue Avenue, Newport RI 02840

Visiting Artist

Judy Vilmain

Judy Vilmain is a painter living in Providence, Rhode Island, and is an Exhibiting Artist Member of the Providence art Club. Her work includes intimate outdoor scenes and still-life paintings.

“Fresh”, oil

“Town Beach”, oil

“Everyday Plaid”, oil

        “With the objects I choose, and the way in which I paint them, I’m trying to present a world that feels familiar, solid, and grounded, hopefully providing the viewer a quiet break from the chaos.

        Regardless of the subject matter, I’m always considering the formal aspects of a painting: color, line, shape, and surface texture. Using these, I work towards a level of realism that still shows the hand of the painter — I want the viewer to keep moving back and forth between “seeing” the three-dimensional objects and seeing the paint and brushstrokes that created the illusion. That back and forth is what I find magical in a painting.”