A Newport working Studio Gallery

55 Bellevue Avenue, Newport RI 02840

Linda King Davey

Artist statement:
I was born and raised on Aquidneck Island.  As a girl I saw a large acrylic painting by Richard Grosvenor in my dentist’s office on Spring Street.  I loved to look at it.  It was big and fresh and airy and filled with the feel, even the imagined sounds and ocean smell of the town I grew up in.  I went on to earn a BFA in painting at the RI School of Design where my work was entirely abstract.  After graduation I stopped painting to pursue a career as an art director and humor editor in the greeting card industry.  I recently returned to painting, this time attempting to find inspiration in the same feel of Grosvenor’s Newport that had obsessed me so long ago and continues to be on my mind.