A Newport working Studio Gallery

55 Bellevue Avenue, Newport RI 02840

Elaine Porter

A lifetime artist, Porter’s Fine Art paintings and fine art giclée’s hang in private & corporate collections worldwide, including but not limited to; Sony, Fuji, JVC, Pranda Jewelry – Thailand. 

“Scenes that evoke a mood or tell a story about the world today always inspire me. To capture that place and time in paint is my goal.  

  • I am a plein air painter, however in the past year, I mostly work in my studio, implementing my collected observations of nature along with reference to my many photographs. Some things I see in Oil, some in Watercolor or Mixed Media Pailage. As a passionate gardener, I gain a lot of inspiration from watching the miracle of renewal, as the perennials make their annual entrance and continue through the summer months. ” – Elaine Porter